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FMP Series

FMP Series

FMP-2 - A Two channel processing and displaying unit The second generation of ARNOLD‘s Moisture Processing Unit „FMP“ is now available in a two channel version. Up to two independent moisture sensors can be connected to the FMP-2. More, up to two independent PT100-temperature sensors can be connected, mounted in the moisture sensors or external. All cables are connected to the back plane of FMP-2 by the help of pluggable clamping bars. Standardly, the FMP-2 provides an USB-interface and a galvanically isolated RS485-interface, which allows the control of the FMP-2 and transmission of signals over very long distances (RS485).

Product description

The operation of FMP-2 is intuitive and simple and is supported by a big touch screen and high-resolution graphic display (LCD). Thanks to the use of modern SMD-technology the device is very compact.
Fife different calibration curves per channel with up to 40 calibration points each can be programmed by the help of an intuitive teach-in procedure. A linear interpolation is used between the calibration points.
All calibration points are comfortably stored and edited, either by entering the data by teach in of the calibration points, by calibration table or by directly moving the points in the displayed calibration curve on screen.
The moisture signal can also be displayed in the “Show Measure Curve“ mode, like with the well known transient recorder, which can be very helpful during the first steps, when the FMP-2 is put into operation and during the calibration procedure.
Additionally, in „manual setting“ mode an control signal can be set and emitted by the output of FMP-2, to simulate certain moisture signals.
The FMP-2 is standardly emitting 0-10V, optionally 0-20mA or 4-20mA. The FMP-2 can communicate with the following process control also via the built-in USB- and RS485-interfaces.

Technical data

Moisture sensors Powering: +/-15V (tolerance +/-0,5V), shortproof
also sensors for 9-30V DC at +15V connectable
Current consumption per sensor: -15V: 50mA max.
+15V: 120mA max.
Signal input: 0-10V (0/4-20mA optional), protected
Input must be set to „U“ or „I“, depending on signal emitted by the sensor
Connection: Pluggable clamping bar (X1=channel 1, X2=channel 2)
Digital serial interfaces USB interface: Transmission of measured values and control of the FMP-2 by
PC or SPS, by the help of custom designed software.
Simple DOS program „FMP2TEST“ available.

RS485 interface: Galvanic isolation provided.
Connection of very long cables possible.
Transmission of measured values and control of the FMP-2 by
PC or SPS, by the help of custom designed software.
Simple DOS program „FMP2TEST“ available.
Baud rate: 9600
Further specifications Face frame: W x H: 213 mm x 125 mm
Mounting depth: approx. 130 mm, without clamping bar
approx. 160 mm, including clamping bar
Operating elements: Touch screen, IP67
Display: Monochrome LCD graphic display screen, backlighted
Resolution of display: 320 x 240 pixels
Viewing direction of display: 12 o´clock
Relay outputs Type: Two relays, one switching contact each
Rating: 60V AC/DC 1A max.
Connection: Pluggable clamping bar (X1, X2)
Temperature sensors Type: PT100
Technique: 4 wire, shielded
Connection: Pluggable clamping bar (X1, X2)
Mounting: Inside or outside of moisture sensor
Start / stop switch inputs Input signal: Stop = 0V
Start = +24V (+/-10%)
Isolation: Galvanic isolation provided
connection: Pluggable clamping bar (X3)
mains connector 3-pole IEC power connector, on the backside
Analogue signal outputs Moisture signal: 0-10V (0-20mA / 4-20mA, optional)
Connection: Pluggable clamping bar (X3)
Temperature signal: 0-10V (0/4-20mA, optional)
Temperature measurement: -45°C bis +199,9°C
-50°C = 0V
+200°C = +10V
Temperature- coefficient (40mV / °C)
Connection: Pluggable clamping bar (X3)
Mains power Standard: 230V AC ±10%, 50-60 Hz, max. 16VA
Optional: 115V AC ±10%, 50-60 Hz, max. 16VA

Technical documentations

Operating Instructions Moisture Processing Unit FMP-2

Operating Instructions Moisture Processing Unit FMP-2



FMP2 - Flyer

FMP2 - Flyer


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