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Processing devices
MB1 - Series

MB1 - Series

The device MB1... is standing for a device family in the same housing for DIN-rail or wall mounting, with screw terminal connection facilities. Following devices are available in this housing: 1. The average value calculator 2. The average value calculator combined with a signal processing device for one or two independent sensors (=mono or duo) for the Werne & Thiel - moisture sensors. 3. The signal signal processing device for mono or dual channel (1 or 2 moisture sensors) [without the average value calculator]. The signal signal processing device FMGM/(D) has an output of 0 - 10 VDC (optional 0/4 - 20 mA) and 2 calibration potentiometers for (0) and the amplification (%) for each channel. The power supply for the sensors is provided by the internal power supply. The MP-controlled average value calculator improves the measured signal, eliminates measuring faults and equalises the residual overlayed signals, which can be caused by not optimal location of the sensor or pressure deviations from the material etc. Therefore suitable software programs were incorporated into this device. To cover the most common applications in the field, the MB1 has different programmable modes of operation. In addition many settings are possible for the different variations of application.

Technical documentations

MB1 - Series Operating Instructions

MB1 - Series Operating Instructions


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